I. University Profile

1. Q: What is the type of the university?

    A: Our university is a full-time general higher education institution in Fujian Province.


2. Q: What is the current size of the university?

    A: Our university has 4 campuses with a total area of more than 2245 mu. The total floor area of the university is 541,600 square meters, of which 30.03 square meters are for teaching and scientific research. It has 15 colleges, 61 undergraduate programs, and nearly 18,000 full-time students, including 90 international students. It employs more than 20 foreign experts and teachers throughout the year.


3. Q: What about the faculty of the university:

    A: The university has an excellent team of teachers, mainly composed of young and middle-aged teachers. Currently, there are more than 1,000 full-time teachers, of whom about one-third have doctorate degrees.


4. Q: What programs admit international students at present? What are the requirements to apply for admission to your university?

    A: At present, the following programs of our university admit international students: International Economy and Trade (bachelor's degree), Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (bachelor's degree), Fashion Design and Engineering (bachelor's degree), and Business Administration (master's degree).  If you want to know the specific requirements, please refer to the annual enrollment brochure (link) published in the international enrollment section.


5. Q: Are there any scholarships for international students? How to apply?

    A: Our international students can apply for scholarship programs of our university, Fuzhou city and Fujian province. Specific application methods can be obtained from the annual enrollment brochure published in the international enrollment section or by directly contacting us (Tel: +86-591-83760546 Email: dwc@mju.edu.cn) (link).

6. Q: What are the requirements for foreign teachers in Minjiang University?

    A: Please refer to the  brochure (link) .

7. Q: Which international colleges and universities do you cooperate with?

     A: In recent years, our university has established good cooperative relations with more than 40 universities in nearly 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and Thailand, and has successively carried out scientific research cooperation and two-way exchanges


8. Q: How about the employment situation of your graduates?

    A: In the past five years, the employment rate of our graduates has been maintained at above 96%, and reached 97.60% in 2018. According to a survey by New Jincin, a third-party agency, employers' satisfaction with our graduates reached 93.53% in 2018, and the average starting salary for graduates was RMB 4,124.69. 76.37% of the graduates were employed in Fujian province, with 59.23% in Fuzhou and 16.62% in Xiamen. The top three employment sectors for graduates were education (21.99%), service (17.23) and finance (9.21%)


9. Q: What are the consulting channels for international enrollment this year?

    A: Inquiry Hotline: 0591-83760546


   Address: No. 200 Xiyuangong Road, Fuzhou Higher Education Mega Center (zip code: 350108)