Application Requirements

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizen between the ages of 18 and 30 in good health, ans hold a valid ordinary foreign passport.

Note: Residents from mainland China, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan who have immigrated, must hold a valid foreign passport or certificate of nationality for 4 years (including) or above, and provide the record or the certificate indicating that the passport holder actually lives overseas for more than 2 years. (If passport holder actually lives abroad for 9 months in a year, it will be calculated as one year.)

2. Applicants must have attained a senior high school diploma or have an equivalent education level to the senior high school in China and the academic records shall be satisfactory in senior high school.

3. Applicants must have Chinese proficiency of New HSK level 4 or above or equivalent. Applicants who received their high school diploma from a senior high school where the medium of instruction was Chinese are required to provide a proof of Chinese as the medium of instruction, if deemed necessary, issued by the applicants’ senior high school where their high school diploma was obtained.


Application deadline

July 30, 2020.


Application Procedure

1. 窗體頂端

1. Log in the website of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Minjiang University (/html/dwhzjlc/index.html) and download International Student Admission Application Form

2. Fill in the International Student Admission Application Form and send other electronic materials (scanning copy) to the email of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and indicate clearly international student application on the title. Or send Paper materials to MJU’s Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (address can be seen at Contacts).

Note: E-mail:


Application Materials

1. Application form for international students to study in MJU (Chinese or English);

2.Photocopy of academic record of high school and Photocopy of diploma of high school;

3. Photocopy of valid passport;

4. Photocopy of certificate of Chinese language level(HSK);

5. Personal Statement, Including Impressions of China and Minjiang University, Individual Study Plan (English or Chinese)

6. Photocopy of a recommended letter(JPG or PDF which can be issued by the original school)

7. Photocopy of health certificate.

8. Financial Evidence (One of the parents’ bank statement for last 6 month)

Note: All the materials mentioned above should be organized in order before e-mailing to MJU. False or omission materials will not be accepted and the materials submitted will not be returned, please keep an extra copy for yourselves.


Admission major (Bachelors program)

1. International education in Chinese

2. Garment design and engineering

3. International economics and trade


Admission and Registration

1. Our university applies to the “application review system” in accordance with applicants’ grades, language level, personal statement and recommended letter.

2. After receiving all the materials of applicants, our school will review together with relevant departments and enroll on the basis of competitive selection. The admission results will be published within 2 months and send Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202to qualified applicants since July of this year.

3. The qualified applicant should take Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202) in person to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate stationed abroad to apply for X visa.

4. The applicant who has been in China may directly submit application materials to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of MJU before the start of each school year. If you are a current student at one of Chinas universities, please provide an official certificate agreeing your transfer authorized by the International Student Office of your currant university.

5. The qualified applicant should register in our university with Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202) and the originals of relevant certificates on the date specified in the admission notice and pay the registration fee and tuition fee. If anyone fails to register before the specified date due to special circumstances, the applicant should contact us in advance. After getting the permission, the admission can be postponed. Under normal circumstances, a new school year of our university starts in early September of each year.

6. Our university will provide free pickup service for freshmen who have admitted by our university. Please inform our university the detailed arrival time and place of your trip in written form.


Educational System and Degree Awarding



Educational System: 4 years; Duration: 4 - 6 years. Students are required to complete the required credits, complete the dissertations (design) and pass the respondent's defense successfully. The students who meet the requirement of graduation would be granted graduation and be awarded the undergraduate diploma and bachelor's degree.


Charging Standard

1. Registration fee: 400 Yuan, to be paid at the registration.

2. Tuition fee:

    Liberal Art: 14,000 Yuan /school year (RMB)

    Science Department: 15,500 Yuan /school year (RMB)

3. Accommodation fee:

    The fee is 2600 Yuan/year/person for double room (restroomair conditionerwater heater)

4. Other fees:

    The fee is 3500 Yuan/year/person, includes text book fee, physical examination fee, visa fee, residence permit, comprehensive health insurance fee for foreigners and so on. Please refer to the actual prices for reference.

5. Living Cost: 1000 Yuan/year/person



1. Fujian Provincial People's Government has implemented the “International Student Scholarship Program since 2012, which includes tuition fee and accommodation, etc (scholarship funding period of 1 year). Applicants can submit relevant written materials to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of MJU. Our university will select the superior scholarship candidates from the applicants and submit their materials to the leaders of our university for examination and approval, and then to Department of Education of Fujian Province for the final review.

2. MJU international student scholarship is funded by MJU. Applicants can be applied to Office of International Cooperation and Exchange after finishing the whole procedure of tuition and other relevant fee, after the school approval issued. MJU international student scholarship includes tuition fee, accommodation fees, training materials, training materials ,insurance fees and living allowance.etc.



Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, MJU

Address: No.200 Xiyuan Gong Road, Fuzhou University Town, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Contact: Mr. Shi

Telephone: +86-591-83760546 

Fax: +86-591-83761171